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Actor Sean Penn Speaks Out – Making the Case for W…

December 26, 2006

Actor Sean Penn Speaks Out – Making the Case for Why Impeahment is Critical to Freedom

While impeachment is necessary for anyone who values freedom, it is equally important to hold the Administration responsible for crimes against humanity.

If we don’t, we send a clear message that the crimes committed are acceptable and sets a dangerous precedent for future leaders.

The following is the speech that Sean Penn gave recently in New York…. Read More


Iraqui Civilian Casualties 650,000 Dead – And Mayb…

December 20, 2006

Iraqui Civilian Casualties 650,000 Dead – And Maybe Even More

The Lanctet Study just came out discussing their findings at a Congressional News Conference moderated by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio and organized by him and Ron Paul, R-Tx.

As tragic as the American soldiers deaths are in this immoral war, the media doesn’t talk much of the innocent civilians in Iraq. Millions of Iraqi children have lost fathers and sometimes even mothers, women have lost their husbands, it is such a tragedy. Families are destroyed, peoples lives are changed forever, the land and air has been contaminated with depleted uranium (I’ll save that for a further rant) and the level of violence is unimanageable.

The Iraquis have loss of healthcare, water, inadequate electricity besides the escalating violence that happens on a regular basis.

Rep. Kucinich said that we as a nation are still trying to recover from the tragedy of 911 and what we had to deal with. But just imagine what it must be like for the civilians in Iraq to experience extreme violence every day of their lives since the war and to be experiencing even more deaths. How would we react if the Iraq situation was happening here? I don’t think very well.

We need to ask ourselves what are the consequences of war? And what are the consequences of war on general populations.

It is a tragedy that so many Iraqui lives have been lost and so many American soldiers have died, for what? To remove Saddam Hussein who we were told had weapons of mass destruction. To remove just one man, we had to go in and kill so many innocent people and destroy not only lives but their entire culture. The war has been based on monumental lies. It is now the time to do what is right as moral people. Bring the troops home and establish a U.N. peacekeeping force.

Click on the link below to view the Report on Civilian Casualties in Iraq


When History is Written, Iraq Will Look J…

December 9, 2006

When History is Written, Iraq Will Look Just Like a Comma
George W. Bush-

Yes, Mr. Bush and when history is written it will say you were one of the worst U.S. Presidents, a leader who committed high treason, a leader who committed war crimes and a leader who committed crimes against humanity on a global scale.

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This Is Supposed To Be Funny? Just some boys in u…

December 2, 2006

This Is Supposed To Be Funny?

Just some boys in uniform’s idea of a joke. Iraq doesn’t have access to clean water.

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Uncle Sam is Watching You For every American who…

December 2, 2006

Uncle Sam is Watching You

For every American who wants to exercise his right to free speech the government labels a threat. The Pentagon has even gone as far as spying on a Quaker educational meeting in Florida. Veterans for Peace have erected crosses for dead soldiers as a display of honor. But the Pentagon sees this as a threat to military installations. A threat to military installations?
Quakers and churches have been seen as a threat because they criticize their government. These people see that they are doing nothing wrong in exercising their right to free speech. And I would agree. They are doing nothing wrong other than disagreeing with their government.

Having people criticizing their dictator, oops I mean President wouldn’t help him in the popularity polls.

Here’s a video from MSNBC that tells more: Uncle Sam is Watching You