Cho Seung-Hui Shootings Rock Virginia Te…

Cho Seung-Hui

Shootings Rock Virginia Tech
April 16, 2007 – U.S. University Shooting Kills 33

In one of the worst campus shootings, Virginia Tech student Cho Seung-Hui killed 32 fellow students and faculty before taking his own life.

On the Alex Jones show, eyewitness Matt Kazee told how it was a full 2-3 hours after the shootings began that loudspeakers on the campus warned the students to stay indoors and that a shooter was on the loose. This is baffling as to why the killer was given so much time before any kind of action was taken. And according to Kazee, the campus was crawling with police before the event happened due to numerous bomb threats that had been phoned in last week.

Virginia Tech President Charles Steger was at a loss for words to explain or understand the tragedy that took place on his campus. He was also faced with difficult questions about the universities handling of the emergency and whether it did enough in warning students and protect them after the first burst of gunfire.

Students bitterly complained that there were no public address announcements on campus after the first burst of gunfire. Many students claim that the first word they received from the university was an e-mail more than two hours into the rampage around the time that the gunman struck again.

So why wouldn’t the university use the loudspeakers to warn students after the first burst of gunfire? Wouldn’t that have been more effective and responsible considering that people may not have been checking their e-mails? According to the Boston Herald, student Maurice Hiller said he went to a 9 a.m. class two buildings away from the engineering building and no warnings were coming over the outdoor public address system on campus at the time. Everett Good, jr.said of the lack of warning “I’m trying to figure that out. Someone’s head is definitely going to roll over that”.

And eyewitness Matt Kazee observed that the police were hiding behind trees well into the killing rampage. Not that long ago, you would have seen police charging the shooters head on…. going in to take out the shooter.

Interestingly, this massacre took place almost 8 years to the day after the Columbine school shootings near Littleton, Colorado. On April 20, 1999, two teenagers killed 12 fellow students and a teacher before taking their own lives. And just like Columbine, the gunman at Virginia Tech killed himself.

The shooting at Virginia Tech is eerily similar to the Columbine school shootings. The tragedy at Columbine played out in the media in the following days. And just like Columbine, the tragedy at Virginia Tech could very well be played out too, pushing for mass gun control turning schools into prisons.

Virginia Tech had a policy prohibiting guns. But if one of those victims had been armed this most probably would have turned out very differently. While I do agree that violence in schools is a very serious problem and student safety needs to be a top priority, at the same time I do not agree with schools being turned into prison environments. And I do believe that responsible people have the right to carry firearms. Tough laws need to be in place so that guns do not get into the wrong hands. Outlawing guns is not the answer to gun violence. There will always be ways for guns to get into the wrong hands.

We need to address the problem of violence in our society. Just look at how much violence in the media through television, movies, video games our children are exposed to on a daily basis. It’s a very serious problem.


Principal’s Gun Saves Lives

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Oct. 29) — The nation was horrified when
16-year-old Luke Woodham walked into his Pearl, Mississippi, High
School with a .30-30 hunting rifle, shot to death his ex-
girlfriend and her close friend, then shot and wounded seven
other students.

Then the nation learned Woodham had stabbed his mother to
death earlier that morning.

Then the nation learned that the local prosecutor had
charged six more students with having conspired in the killings
as part of a Satanic plot.

What most of the nation never learned was that Assistant
Principal Joel Myrick, using his own gun, stopped the killer as
he tried to flee the school.

The news media virtually ignored the fact that an armed
citizen had possibly prevented more bloodshed — using a gun
possessed in violation of the Federal Gun-Free School Act, which
prohibits firearms within 1,000 feet of a school.

To find out what happened I talked to the school’s
principal, Roy Balantine.Mr. Balantine said when he heard the shots he ran into the
hall and “saw a kid with a gun,” then immediately called 911.
Mr. Myrick, he said, was in his office on the opposite side of a
“commons” that the school surrounds.

Myrick also had run into the hall and seen a student with a
rifle; he shoved several students into his office and locked the
door, then ran toward the shooting. He saw Woodham shoot and wound one of the students — and Woodham saw him, so Myrick jumped back out of the line of sight.

That’s when, Mr. [Balantine] told me, “Mr. Myrick remembered
that he had been out to visit his parents over the weekend, and
that he remembered that he had forgotten to take his gun out of
his pickup.

“So Mr. Myrick ran across the commons and out the back door
and got the gun, and loaded it, then came around the side of the
building.” At that point, Mr. Balantine said, he saw the student pull
out of the school parking lot and pull up behind a car that was
stopped at a stop sign. As Myrick ran toward the car, Woodham
pulled around the stopped car, but spun out and off the road.

Before he could get the car going again, Myrick was there
with the .45 pointed in Woodham’s face, demanding “Why did you do
that?” That’s when Woodham “instantly became a coward,” Myrick had
told one local reporter. bWoodham must have feared that Myrick would shoot him for he
stammered, so Mr. Balantine told me, “Oh, Mr. Myrick; I’m the one
who gave you the discount on the pizza last week.” Myrick got Woodham out of the car, made him lie on the ground, pulled his coat over his head and kept one foot on hisback until police arrived.

Woodham’s rifle was in the car, and he still had 30 rounds. “With all that ammunition, we don’t know what he might have done,” Mr. Balantine told me. “We don’t know if he would’ve gone to the junior high or the pizza parlor where he worked, or what. There’s reason to believe he might not’ve been through killing.”

“I’m just thankful that Mr. Myrick had the presence of mind
to remember his gun and bring it all to a stop.” Amen, Mr. Balantine. Police and local reporters are convinced that Woodham was a member of a satanic cult that had
been ritually sacrificing animals and planning killings before fleeing to Mexico.

But predictably, there’s a bit of a flap in Mississippi about the “terrible fact” that this vice principal had a gun at school, and that he was violating the gun-free school law (which the Supreme Court struck down but Congress reinstated last year).

Under Mississippi law he could legally have a gun in his car.

I’m thankful he had it, and asked Mr. Balantine to thank him for me and those of us who admire his courage — and for setting a clear example of a gun being used to save lives.

Further, I told him, if the U.S. Attorney or anyone else wants to give Mr. Myrick any legal troubles, to give me a call and I’d be delighted to start a defense fund.
End of article by Neal Knox

What was clear here was the fact that a responsible gun owner such as principal Joel Myrick could have very well prevented many more killings because he was able to hold Luke Woodham at gunpoint until the police arrived.

Some believe that what happened at Virginia Tech could very well have been a black op. Definition: a type of covert operation. In this term, black is a term used in political, military, intelligence, and business circles to refer to activities that are either secret or of questionable ethics/and or legality. This would make sense as an excuse for enforcing more gun control laws.
Some hard hitting questions need to take place. There are other reliable sources for news outside of the mainstream such as C-Span.

What Virginia Tech tragedy has shown us is that it took nearly 5 hours for the police to bring the situation to order and that the university failed in warning the students well into the rampage. A responsible gun carrying individual could have possibly prevented many of the fatalities.


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  1. Eddie Says:

    On one hand a gun could have prevented the incident, on the other hand it caused it. Its quite easy to get guns ( that may be part of the problem.

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