What I Suspected All Along The Top Te…

What I Suspected All Along

The Top Ten Indicators of a Sociopath – All Seem to Fit President Bush

*Not learning from experience

*No sense of responsibility

*Inability to form meaningful relationships

*Inability to control impulses

*Lack of moral sense

*Chronically antisocial behavior

*No change in behavior after punishment

*Emotional immaturity

*Lack of guilt


One expert writes: People with this disorder may exhibit criminal behavior. They may not work. If they do work, they are frequently absent or may quit suddenly. They do not consider other people’s wishes, welfare or rights. They can be manipulative and may lie to gain personal pleasure or profit. They may default on loans, fail to provide child support, or fail to care for their dependents adequately. High risk sexual behavior and substance abuse are common. Impulsiveness, failure to plan ahead, aggressiveness, irritability, irresponsibility, and a reckless disregard for their own safety and the safety of others are traits of the antisocial personality.
Socioeconomic status, gender, and genetic factors play a role. Males are more likely to be antisocial than females. Those from lower socioeconomic groups are more susceptible. A family history of the disorder puts one at higher risk.

In a May 21, 2000 New York Times piece, Nicholas D. Kristof quoted Bush’s childhood friend Terry Throckmorton “We were terrible to animals”, recalled Mr. Throckmorton laughing. A dip behind the Bush home turned into a small lake after a good rain and thousands of frogs would come out. “Everybody would get BB guns and shoot them” Mr. Throckmorton said. “Or we’d put firecrackers in the frogs and throw them and blow them up”. Cruelty to animals is another action fitting the diagnois of a sociopathic personality.

President Bush had a frequently absent father and a cold, authoritarian mother. Many experts believe that this type of family dynamic would also contribute towards a sociopathis personality.

So do you think like I do, that President Bush has all the classic traits of a sociopathic personality?


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