Paris Hilton’s Jailbreak Paris Hilton must serve …

Paris Hilton’s Jailbreak

Paris Hilton must serve at least 23 days of jail time for violating the orders of her probation by driving with a suspended licence. Ms. Hilton said she was unaware that her license had been suspended. The judge said “there’s no doubt she knew her license had been suspended,” and ruled that she was in violation of the terms of her probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case.

The Sheriff’s Department announced that Ms. Hilton will do a minimum of 23 days in jail. She will do her full time, minus 22 days because of a state jail policy encouraging good inmate behaviour,” Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

Am I living in the twilight zone?

If I’m not wrong, getting off with good behavior usually takes place after someone has served time. Yes, and I just saw a pig fly by…

String of Traffic Violations

Hilton, 26, pleaded no contest in January to reckless driving stemming from a Sept. 7 arrest in Hollywood. Police said she appeared intoxicated and failed a field sobriety test. She had a blood-alcohol level of 0.08 percent, the level at which an adult driver is in violation of the law.

She was sentenced to 36 months’ probation, alcohol education and $1,500 in fines. Two other traffic stops and failure to enroll in a mandated alcohol education program are what landed her back in court.

Then on January 15, Hilton was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol. Officers informed her that she was driving on a suspended license and she signed a document acknowledging that she was not to drive, according to papers filed in Superior Court.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies stopped Hilton on February 27 and charged her with violating her probation. Police said she was pulled over about 11 p.m. after authorities saw the car speeding with its headlights off.

Mintz said at the time Hilton wasn’t aware her license was suspended. A copy of the document Hilton signed on January 15 was found in the car’s glove compartment, court papers say. Hilton was also required to enroll in an alcohol education program by February 12. As of April 17, she had not enrolled, prosecutors said.

At Ms. Hilton’s original hearing for violating her probation presided over by Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer, a city prosecutor said during closing arguments that Hilton deserved jail time. Hilton’s mother, Kathy, laughed. When the judge ruled, Kathy Hilton then blurted out: “May I have your autograph?” When a reporter asked what she thought of the judge’s decision, a visibly angry Kathy Hilton responded: “What do you think? This is pathetic and disgusting, a waste of taxpayer money with all this nonsense. This is a joke.”

I think what responsible mother would act like that? Is it any wonder that Paris acts in such an irresponsible and reckless way. Well, I guess some people think that they are above everyone else including the law because of their status.

We must remember here, that a non-celebrity most certainly would have received a full sentence, no exceptions, nada…. And what type of message are we giving young people? Not a very good one. You abide by the law whether you’re a celebrity or not. No special favors, no money paying off law officials to reduce sentences. The system has failed the countless number of innocent victims of drunk drivers. I say, shame on the judicial system for this sham and shame on Kathy Hilton. Good parents are to guide their children in moral behavior, teaching them to be responsible people. Kathy Hilton has certainly failed in that.

It’s time Ms. Hilton grew up and started taking responsibility and held accountable for her actions. It’s not just about you Ms. Hilton,the world doesn’t revolve around you.

Hey, Paris knowing how much you love parties, maybe when you’re in serving your time, that the girls can put on a block party.


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