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What Have We Become? Imagine that you are strappe…

November 2, 2006

What Have We Become?

Imagine that you are strapped to a board, blindfolded, and your mouth taped shut. Suddenly you are upended and your head is plunged below water, or water is poured continuously on a pile of rags across your face. Water is forced up your nose, you choke and gag, you cannot cry out or do anything to stop it. This is ‘water boarding’, one of the many torture techniques being carried out by the United States government.

In a recent radio interview, Vice President Dick Cheney’s callous remarks about water-boarding were “it’s a no brainer for me”. God help us all when such evil is all matter of fact and just par for the course.

But let us not become a Dick Cheney… Speak out. Water boarding is just one of the torture tactics being done on ‘suspected terrorists’, those same ‘suspected terrorists’ who are being held indefinitely in prisons without access to legal counsel or family. They haven’t even been brought to trial yet, at least the courts would have to show the evidence of their crimes. With dictatorial powers by the President those same prisoners could languish for years in those holding pens.

American citizens, too, are open season by the present administration.

Following is the letter I sent by email to Vice President Cheney

October 30, 2006

Dear Mr. Cheney,

There have been many policies that your Administration has orchestrated that offend and appall me. The most recent remark you made on a recent radio interview is equally disturbing. In reference to water boarding used as a torture tactic you said its a no brainer for me.

How disturbing and what a callous attitude on your part Mr. Cheney. I am convinced that you do not have a conscience judging on that remark and your performance in office.

The torture law is a total disgrace and shameless that it had been signed, sealed and delivered. Unfortunately, not enough men with real character, back bone and decency stepped up to the plate to defeat that bill.

Not only is torture unconscionable but is ineffective in interrogation methods. Many generals of the military who have first hand experience on the front lines have said that there are other tactics that are effective as interrogation methods.

In extensive interviews with, former leaders of the Defense Departments Criminal Investigation Task Force said they repeatedly warned senior Pentagon officials beginning in early 2002 that the harsh interrogation techniques used by a separate intelligence team would not produce reliable information, could constitute war crimes, and would embarrass the nation when they became public knowledge. (Bill Dedman, Investigative Reporter, MSNBC October 24, 2006).

There was a time in your countries history when there were good and decent men with admirable character in leadership. It certainly doesn’t apply today.

When I see President Bush taking the oath to uphold the Constitution while being sworn into office I am so disgusted. You have failed in that respect 100%. The Constitution that your President says he will uphold while in office treats it as nothing more than a damn piece of paper making a mockery of it. The Constitution is more than just a piece of worthless paper as you may think. It holds the very principles that America holds dear. For anyone to think less of it I find offensive.

The forefathers taught that unalienable rights are endowed upon mankind by God and believed that governments exist not to grant or deny these rights, but only to protect them. They recognized and warned that a central, federal government could become too strong and they went to great lengths to ensure that a system was established that was checked within itself by a balance of power. Yes, checks and balances which you arrogantly think that you are above.

We know who you really serve and it is certainly not in the best interests of the American people. Your masters are the globalists and what you have cooperated in doing to America and the world is dangerous, immoral, and an insult to the memories of the noble forefathers.

The corruption by the Republicans in Washington is deplorable.

Mr. Cheney, you will be held accountable eventually to the American people.


Judith Howard


Torture Bill States – Non Allegiance to Bush is Te…

November 1, 2006

Torture Bill States – Non Allegiance to Bush is Terrorism

Your Dictator

Legislation tolls the bell for the day America died… Birth of the dictatorship

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We Must Not Be Sold This Bill Of Goods There are …

October 28, 2006

We Must Not Be Sold This Bill Of Goods

There are so many threats against our civil liberties. I remember there was a time when being a good American was abiding by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. These days if you uphold any of those principles you are called anti-American. It is an American tragedy.

Now they want to implement national ID cards by 2008. Welcome to George Orwell’s nightmare. In Nazi Germany the citizens too had to carry identification cards with them and we all saw the horrors of fascism. Yet it is happening in America. Think about it for just one minute. Do you not like the idea of being in control of your own life? Making your own decisions about your own destiny? That is our God given right. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Yet we give those very things away more and more. To whom? Our masters who decide what we can and cannot have?

Which brings me to the greatest threat yet to the human population. A Radio Frequency Identication (RFID) Computer Chip implanted under the skin so you can be tracked wherever you go. Not only is this technology being tested and implemented, it’s also being accepted by society. Hardly a week goes by without it being mentioned in the news media, science journals or elsewhere. Conditioning the public to accepting it. That is why you see so much on the subject.

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The microchip will store data such as a fingerprint, footprint, eyescan, dna genotype, financial status and personal history. So if your chip gets turned off that means that you will not be able to buy or sell.

The bill of goods for selling the chips is that it will keep you safer. I came across this video recently where the globalist’s mouthpiece, the television host Sean Hannity says at one point “give me a cut” referring to the money to be made from the mark, oops I mean mirochip. And notice how he keeps saying over and over and over missing children. This is how they do it. Fear and repitition so that we the sheep learn to accept the mark, oops I mean the chip. The same idea with how ‘terrorism’ is constantly repeated, again, condition us to accepting it. And how do you like the guy who says ‘civil libertarians eat your hearts out’.

We really need to look at the bigger picture and what the chip would mean for all of us. Personally I value being a sovereign individual in charge of my own life and not being enslaved having to lick the boots of my masters. What will you decide for yourself?

Problem-Millions of illegals invade America
Solution-Implant everyone who is legal and documented with a chip that has finacial capabilites and do away with cash to demagnetize the nation from illegals.No buying ,No Selling, No trading without the mark…umm i mean chip