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B.C. Teacher Has Students Re-enact Virginia Tech S…

April 28, 2007

B.C. Teacher Has Students Re-enact Virginia Tech Shootings

A drama teacher in a suburban B.C. elementary school is now regretting her actions in having her students re-enact the tragedy last week that occurred at Virginia Tech. Her preferred method of teaching is to use topical news events for the basis of her plays.

Now some students and parents feel that she may have gone too far.

Her class of Grade 6 and Grade 7 students were directed to play roles re-enacted from theVirginia Tech shootings tragedy on Monday in which 32 students and teachers died. The gunman took his own life as well in the worst U.S. school shooting.

The principal at South Park Elementary School in Delta B.C. said “This was a completely inappropriate lesson for this particular group of children. I can’t think of any group of children, perhaps senior high students who would be able to handle it”.