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How About a Common Sense Revolution? Vote for Co…

June 14, 2007

How About a Common Sense Revolution?

Vote for Congressman Ron Paul for President.

Brief Overview of Congressman Paul’s Record

* He has never voted to raise taxes.

* He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.

* He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.

* He has never voted to raise congressional pay.

* He has never taken a government-paid junket.

* He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.

* He voted against the Patriot Act.

* He voted against regulating the Internet.

* He voted against the Iraq war.

* He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.

* He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

Congressman Paul introduces numerous pieces of substantive legislation each year, probably more than any single member of Congress.


Bush Vetoes War Spending Bill President George W….

May 2, 2007

Bush Vetoes War Spending Bill

President George W. Bush vetoed a bill on Tuesday that would force him withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq this year as a condition of funding the war, angering democrats who vowed to fight on. Read More

Shooter Starring Mark Wahlberg Shooter which just…

April 30, 2007

Shooter Starring Mark Wahlberg

Shooter which just opened in theatres and the latest in a trend of movies that convey strong anti government sentiment. The movie provides political commentary paralleling 911, JFK and a damning expose of how the state stages black-op in order to achieve political agendas.

Mark Wahlberg plays a Marine sniper called Bob Lee Swagger who retires from the military after his friend is killed while fighting in Ethiopia. Swagger then receives a visit from a Colonel who informs him that there is going to be an assassination attempt on the President and that Swagger’s expert sniper skills are needed in determining in what city and from which location the shooting will take place. During his scouting mission in Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia, Swagger is seen suspiciously eyeing the various surveillance cameras that watch him from every corner. The footage from these cameras is later used to frame Swagger for the assassination and is endlessly replayed by the news networks without question.

The movie is packed with positive messages about liberty, gun ownership and detailed examples of how government black-ops are run, how patsies are framed and how cover-stories are generated. Elements of how 911 was scripted along with the assassination of JFK are clearly used as parallels to map out the course of the plot. Abu Ghraib, the war in Iraq and Big Brother run through the movie providing political commentary.

Response to the film has been mixed and poor in some quarters. Many Hollywood directors have vowed to devote their work in contribution to the mass awakening to the crimes of the state that is taking place worldwide.
If you’re a truth seeker you should enjoy this movie.

Preview the trailer

Don’t Question My Patriotism Traitor In usual B…

April 27, 2007

Don’t Question My Patriotism Traitor

In usual Bill Maher fashion, he delivers this message to the Bush administration. Kudos to you Bill.

Definition of Patriotism: independence, self expression, to think for oneself, make decisions that may be unpopular.

In these times it is considered Un-American to criticize your government. Being a patriot doesn’t mean blindly accepting and supporting what our country’s administration does. It doesn’t mean that I’m not allowed to publicly criticize our leaders behaviours or decisions or even their lack of good judgement. To criticize doesn’t make one unpatriotic. What it means is that I can still think for myself and make decisions that may be unpopular.

This war and the poor decisions this administration has made and continues to do so is a situation where we can’t afford to bury our heads in the sand. To do so, we shirk our responsibilities in upholding this president with courage, integrity and respect.

A recent poll conducted in partnership by ABC News and the Washington Post indicates that the majority of Americans now stand against the Iraq war and 7 in 10 say that the American casualties are unacceptable. 76% feel that this war has also damaged the country’s image to the rest of the world. And this administration arrograntly refuses to listen to the people they are there to serve. The American people are the decider’s not George Bush as Cindy Sheehan would say.

The evidence that is becoming clearer is that the administration was openly warned of the threat of terrorism prior to 911 and chose to ignore it. America has an administration that circulates memos encouraging the use of torture in the treatment of POW’s and then calls those same memos irrelevant, an administration that used questionable/faulty intelligence as a basis for waging a war and which is no longer supported by a majority of Americans. An administration that claimed Saddam was behind 911 with no evidence supporting that claim.

Are you proud of this administration? Most Americans would say no. Love of your country does not mean to act passive while this administration commits monumental wrong doings and injustices.

56 men signed the Declaration of Independence believing that America was worth saving whatever sacrifice they had to endure. 12 of those men had their homes ransacked and burned, 17 lost their fortunes, 5 were captured and tortured by the British and 9 lost their lives in the war. Those brave and patriotic men sacrificed alot of what was dear to them so that we all could live in a country of our own rule – patriotism. Power for the people and by the people.

We dishonor their memories and sacrfices they made by supporting a president who wages war based on unproven and at times exagerrated information, who violates human rights on a monumental scale and who lacks the intelligence to know when enough! This is not patriotism nor is it loyalty. It is the highest form of being a traitor and of being apathetic.

Rosie O’Donnell and Her First Amendment Right Ros…

April 7, 2007

Rosie O’Donnell and Her First Amendment Right

Rosie O’Donnell just blatantly exposed Building 7 at the World Trade Centre – 9/11 on The View. It is so refreshing to see intelligent conversation on important issues. Now Rosie is under fire from ABC for exercising her First Amendment right to free speech.

Bill Maher expressed his opposition to the Iraq War and the network axed his show “Politically Incorrect”. Phil Donahue spoke out against the Iraq war and lost his show too. You may not agree with their point of view but nevertheless, they were all exercising their First Amendment right.

Help Us Support & Defend Rosie O’Donnell’s Right to Speak Her Mind.

From the Floor of Congress – Rep. John Lewis One o…

March 24, 2007

From the Floor of Congress – Rep. John Lewis
One of the Few Members Who Has Backbone

“Tonight I must make it plain and clear that as a human being, as a citizen of the world, as a citizen of America, as a Member of Congress, as an individual committed to a world at peace with itself, I will not and I cannot in good conscience vote for another dollar or another dime to support this war.” Rep. John Lewis, March 19, 2007 House floor

One of the few voices in Congress who are speaking out against this war. The Iraqi people say that life is worse now than before the occupation of U.S. forces. But their voices fall silent by the arrogant Bush administration.

Following is the rest of Rep. John Lewis’s speech to Congress. He speaks such a profound truth in this time of deceipt and monumental lies.

FULL TEXT OF SPEECH:Delivered on Monday, March 19, 2007, the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, a day marking the start of perhaps the single most stupid and counterproductive foreign policy blunder in the history of our country. Delivered by Rep. John Lewis on the floor of the US House of Representatives.

The SPEAKER pro tempore.”Under a previous order of the House, the gentleman from Georgia (Mr. Lewis) is recognized for 5 minutes.” Mr. LEWIS of Georgia.

“Mr. Speaker, I rise with deep concern that on this very day 4 years ago, our Nation inaugurated a conflict, an unnecessary war, a war of choice, not a necessity. “The most comprehensive intelligence we have, the National Intelligence Estimate and the latest Pentagon report, tells us that Iraq had descended into a state of civil war. Over 3,000 Americans have died, and hundreds of thousands, some even say up to 1 million citizens of Iraq, have lost their lives in this unnecessary conflict.

“And while we are telling our veterans of this war, the elderly, the poor, and the sick that there is no room in the budget for them, the American people have spent over $400 billion on a failed policy. We cannot do more of the same. Mr. Speaker, violence begets violence. It does not lead to peace. “President John F. Kennedy once said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

My greatest fear is that the young people of Iraq and of the Middle East will never forget this war. My greatest fear is they will grow up hating our children and our children’s children for what we have done. Mr. Speaker, the Bible is right. Even a great nation can reap what it sows. “Nothing troubles me more than to see the young faces of these soldiers who have been led to their death. “Some are only 18, 19, 21, 22, 23. It is painful; it is so painful to watch.

Sometimes I feel like crying and crying out loud at what we are doing as a Nation and what this administration is doing in our name. Our children do not deserve to die as pawns in a civil war. “They do not deserve to pay with their lives for the mistakes of this administration. They never had a chance. “When I was their age, when I was 23 years old, I was leading the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, soon to speak in Washington on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, but then we were involved in a nonviolent revolution to transform the soul of America, to create a beloved community.

“Forty years ago, I was there in New York City in Riverside Church when Martin Luther King, Jr., gave one of the most powerful speeches he ever made against the war in Vietnam. If he could speak today, he would say this Nation needs a revolution of values that exposes the truth that war does not work. If he could speak today, he would say that war is obsolete as a tool of our foreign policy. “He would say there is nothing keeping us from changing our national priority so that the pursuit of peace can take precedence over the pursuit of war. “He would say we must remove the causes of chaos, injustice, poverty and insecurity that are breeding grounds for terrorism. This is the way towards peace.

“As a Nation, can we hear the words of Gandhi, so simple, so true, that it is either nonviolence or nonexistence? Can we hear the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., saying that we must learn to live together as brothers and sisters or perish as fools? “Tonight I must make it plain and clear that as a human being, as a citizen of the world, as a citizen of America, as a Member of Congress, as an individual committed to a world at peace with itself, I will not and I cannot in good conscience vote for another dollar or another dime to support this war.”
End of speech

Thank you, sir, for having the backbone/courage to stand up against the goliath’s in congress.

Now it is time for the Democrats to put Iraq on the table and deliver what they promised to the American people. As Cindy Sheehan said in one of her speeches that “we are the decider’s, not George W. Bush”.

The War is Over Opposition to the Iraq war is gro…

March 4, 2007

The War is Over

Opposition to the Iraq war is growing. I came across this beautiful video by Sarah Brightman and Kathem Alsaher and it is dedicated to the Iraqi people.

View it here:

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall- think of it. Always” – Mahatma Gandhi

The Casualties of the Iraq War The Almighty One, …

February 25, 2007

The Casualties of the Iraq War

The Almighty One, oops I mean your President now sends soldiers over with little training and if they’re lucky enough to return maimed and/or psychologically damaged they receive very little support. That’s because George W. Bush has chosen to slam the V.A. Shameless!

The Congress: War Machine has greatly benefited by the war in Iraq landing some very lucrative, high end contracts for not only themselves but also for the neo-cons and Dick Cheney and friends.

Shame on the public officials who turn their backs on the returning vets. I present the following video which depicts the life of the returning vets.

Click here for the video:

Iraq – The Hidden Story – How the Media Self Censo…

February 25, 2007

Iraq – The Hidden Story – How the Media Self Censors Itself in Regards to Iraq

In other words the people who really control the media think that it would be too traumatic for the average American to see the reality of this insane war.

Unfortunately, too many innocent civilians are being sacrificed along with U.S. soldiers. Hell, judging by what the average American sees on a daily basis on their televisions or going to the movies in which extreme violence is depicted, I certainly think that they can handle seeing the violence in Iraq.

But if the media wasn’t controlled and by their duty report what is happening in Iraq many more American’s would certainly want to see an end to the war in Iraq.

Every day that we allow the good people of Iraq to endure suffering in this insane war is a day too much.

Presenting: Iraq – The Hidden Story. And why we need to end this war. Click on the following link to view the video:

The Iraq War Continues On the day after the midte…

November 17, 2006

The Iraq War Continues

On the day after the midterm election clearly demonstrated widespread popular opposition to the war on Iraq, President Bush announced that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was stepping down. He also admitted that his Iraq policy was “not working well enough, fast enough.” Read More