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The majority of the American people want im…

June 20, 2007

The majority of the American people want impeachment but it’s been a difficult process. If the majority of congress had the backbone and the courage to do their duty in serving the American people, not the criminal administration now in power, impeachment would have already been done. The world can’t wait.

Ten Reasons Why George Bush and Dick Cheney Must Be Impeached

1. Violating the United Nations Charter by launching an illegal “War of Aggression” against Iraq without cause, using fraud to sell the war to Congress and the public, misusing government funds to begin bombing without Congressional authorization, and subjecting our military personnel to unnecessary harm, debilitating injuries, and deaths.

2. Violating U.S. and international law by authorizing the torture of thousands of captives, resulting in dozens of deaths, and keeping prisoners hidden from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

3. Violating the Constitution by arbitrarily detaining Americans, legal residents, and non-Americans, without due process, without charge, and without access to counsel.

4. Violating the Geneva Conventions by targeting civilians, journalists, hospitals, and ambulances, and using illegal weapons, including white phosphorous, depleted uranium, and a new type of napalm.

5. Violating U.S. law and the Constitution through widespread wiretapping of the phone calls and emails of Americans without a warrant.

6. Violating the Constitution by using “signing statements” to defy hundreds of laws passed by Congress.

7. Violating U.S. and state law by obstructing honest elections in 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006.

8. Violating U.S. law by using paid propaganda and disinformation, selectively and misleadingly leaking classified information, and exposing the identity of a covert CIA operative working on sensitive WMD proliferation for political retribution.

9. Subverting the Constitution and abusing Presidential power by asserting a “Unitary Executive Theory” giving unlimited powers to the President, by obstructing efforts by Congress and the Courts to review and restrict Presidential actions, and by promoting and signing legislation negating the Bill of Rights and the Writ of Habeas Corpus.

10. Gross negligence in failing to assist New Orleans residents after Hurricane Katrina, in ignoring urgent warnings of an Al Qaeda attack prior to Sept. 11, 2001, and in increasing air pollution causing global warming.


Holbrooke: Iraq Civil War is Raging Out of Control…

May 11, 2007

Holbrooke: Iraq Civil War is Raging Out of Control

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Richard Holbrooke, a former senior U.S. diplomat and a possible Democratic secretary of state, on Thursday described Iraq as a “civil war raging out of control” and a foreign policy crisis worse than Vietnam. Full Story

Pentagon Tells 35,000; Prepare to Deploy 2007 AP….

May 9, 2007

Pentagon Tells 35,000; Prepare to Deploy

2007 AP. WASHINGTON – The Pentagon on Tuesday alerted more than 35000 Army soldiers they could be sent to Iraq this fall. Full Story

Take the World Can’t Wait Quiz Iran & the Nuclear…

May 6, 2007

Take the World Can’t Wait Quiz

Iran & the Nuclear Bomb
President Bush and all the leading presidential contenders have said when it comes to Iran that no option including the nuclear option should be off the table. Today 3 aircraft carrier groups are presently conducting military exercises in the Gulf of Hormuz, the U.S. military command in the Middle East has been assumed for the first time by an admiral and plans currently exist to be able to launch an air attack on Iran within 24 hours.

1) The possibility of war with Iran:

a) is a good thing
b) never gonna happen – it’d be too crazy
c) will be prevented through sanctions on Iran
d) a real and present danger that could widen the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan and further inflame the whole region

2) What country in the Middle East refuses to officially confirm or deny that it has a nuclear weapon program and refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty?

3) Iran has agreed to be monitored by the IAEA and opened up its country to IAEA inspectors.

Yes or No?

4) The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) severely criticized for falsifying information on Iran’s nuclear program. (name country)

5) What country(ies) has/have used nuclear weapons on civilian populations?

6) How many Iraqi civilians died between 1991 and 1997 due to sanctions imposed by the U.S.?

a) 55,000 b) 655,000 (c) 1.2 million (d) 1.5 million

Follow up question: How many children in Iraq died per month under U.S.-imposed sanctions?

a) 50 b) 500 (c) 2,500 (d) 5,000

Ready for the Results? Here we go:

1) Depends on what kind of future you want for the planet.

2) Israel

3) Yes

4) The U.S

5) The U.S.

6) C

Follow up question: D

Now that you’ve taken the quiz, test your friends, teachers, parents and people at work. You can download the quiz at

WORLD CAN’T WAIT is aiming to have 3,000 people take this quiz on Iran and will be
publishing the final results on at the end of May. Let us know the results of the quiz in your town and send your results to (also include in how many people were surveyed).

Anti-War Protest Draws Hundreds of Thousands In t…

May 3, 2007

Anti-War Protest Draws Hundreds of Thousands

In this video, Truthout’s Scott Galindez reports that “hundreds of thousands” marched on Saturday. That estimate is gleaned from estimates by the event organizers – United for Peace and Justice – Truthout reporters on the scene, and crowd photographs by other news agencies. Our best estimate now is that there were between 300,000 and 500,000 marchers.

View the video and transcript

Bush Shoots for "Jaws" Delivers "Jaws 2" In his u…

May 3, 2007

Bush Shoots for “Jaws” Delivers “Jaws 2”

In his usual “no mincing of words”, Keith Olbermann deconstructs President Bush’s State of the Union claim to have foiled four terrorist attacks.

Kudos to you Keith!

View the video and transcript

Seymour Hersh – Funneling Money to Al Qaeda-Relate…

May 3, 2007

Seymour Hersh – Funneling Money to Al Qaeda-Related Groups

Seymour Hersh reports that the Bush Administration is funding anti-Shiite Sunnis linked to al Qaeda without Congressional approval and without appropriate appropriation. Hersh speculates that the money is coming from the pallet-loads of cash floating around Iraq and has already reached “three Sunni jihadist groups.” He says, flatly, that the president is “supporting groups indirectly that are involved with the same people that did 9/11.”

View the video and transcripts

The President is Not King – Pelosi On the "Today…

May 3, 2007

The President is Not King – Pelosi

On the “Today Show,” Nancy Pelosi sat down with Campbell Brown to discuss her trip to Syria as well as the stand-off between the White House and Congress over war-funding. Pelosi said: “The president is not king, the president is the president of the United States. America is a democracy. We have to make decisions based on our judgment. Thus far, the president’s judgment hasn’t been good in terms of, say, for example, the war on Iraq. So with all due respect to the president and the role he has, we want respect for the role we have. And members of Congress have gone on fact-finding trips since our country began. We’re not going to stop because the president wants to avoid the facts and doesn’t want to engage in dialogue.”

View the Video and Transcript

Bush Vetoes War Spending Bill President George W….

May 2, 2007

Bush Vetoes War Spending Bill

President George W. Bush vetoed a bill on Tuesday that would force him withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq this year as a condition of funding the war, angering democrats who vowed to fight on. Read More

John McCain for President? God Help Us All Repu…

April 27, 2007

John McCain for President? God Help Us All

Republican Senator hopeful John McCain in the presidential race, has proven himself to be just another “pp”, a label that the late writer Kurt Vonnegut used meaning “psycho path”. This certainly would be the case when Senator McCain at a recent event chose to twist the Beach Boys classic “Barbara Ann” and replace it with the sick lyrics, “Bomb, Bomb Iran” in all the while singing and laughing in a disgusting fashion while the crowd joined this madman in his merriment.

Senator McCain proved to the American people that he’s just another madman who would act recklessly, without having the foresight or intelligence and act dangerously without understanding the middle east.

This is a time to put negotiation on the table with Iran. In the past they have proven themselves by participating in the negotiation process. The world can’t afford proposals such as Senator McCain’s.

A wise person once said that the definition of insanity is repeating what doesn’t work hoping for different results.

Iraq hasn’t worked so why would we expect to win in Iran?