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Shooter Starring Mark Wahlberg Shooter which just…

April 30, 2007

Shooter Starring Mark Wahlberg

Shooter which just opened in theatres and the latest in a trend of movies that convey strong anti government sentiment. The movie provides political commentary paralleling 911, JFK and a damning expose of how the state stages black-op in order to achieve political agendas.

Mark Wahlberg plays a Marine sniper called Bob Lee Swagger who retires from the military after his friend is killed while fighting in Ethiopia. Swagger then receives a visit from a Colonel who informs him that there is going to be an assassination attempt on the President and that Swagger’s expert sniper skills are needed in determining in what city and from which location the shooting will take place. During his scouting mission in Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia, Swagger is seen suspiciously eyeing the various surveillance cameras that watch him from every corner. The footage from these cameras is later used to frame Swagger for the assassination and is endlessly replayed by the news networks without question.

The movie is packed with positive messages about liberty, gun ownership and detailed examples of how government black-ops are run, how patsies are framed and how cover-stories are generated. Elements of how 911 was scripted along with the assassination of JFK are clearly used as parallels to map out the course of the plot. Abu Ghraib, the war in Iraq and Big Brother run through the movie providing political commentary.

Response to the film has been mixed and poor in some quarters. Many Hollywood directors have vowed to devote their work in contribution to the mass awakening to the crimes of the state that is taking place worldwide.
If you’re a truth seeker you should enjoy this movie.

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