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John McCain for President? God Help Us All Repu…

April 27, 2007

John McCain for President? God Help Us All

Republican Senator hopeful John McCain in the presidential race, has proven himself to be just another “pp”, a label that the late writer Kurt Vonnegut used meaning “psycho path”. This certainly would be the case when Senator McCain at a recent event chose to twist the Beach Boys classic “Barbara Ann” and replace it with the sick lyrics, “Bomb, Bomb Iran” in all the while singing and laughing in a disgusting fashion while the crowd joined this madman in his merriment.

Senator McCain proved to the American people that he’s just another madman who would act recklessly, without having the foresight or intelligence and act dangerously without understanding the middle east.

This is a time to put negotiation on the table with Iran. In the past they have proven themselves by participating in the negotiation process. The world can’t afford proposals such as Senator McCain’s.

A wise person once said that the definition of insanity is repeating what doesn’t work hoping for different results.

Iraq hasn’t worked so why would we expect to win in Iran?